Treatment by Naya Savera, Alcohol De-addiction Center in Delhi, Drug De-addiction centre in Delhi


Primary care (De - Addiction)

Shortly after admission, a general health assessment is conducted and thereafter the detoxification process is initiated. After the patient’s physical condition has stabilized, the patient is moved to Primary Care where through various mediums of the programme he is made to understand the multi faceted aspects of his illness; his powerlessness over the use of his substance of choice and his unmanageability, if he continues to use. He learns the importance of surrendering to a Higher Power in order that he may start to take the first step in his recovery.

Secondary care (Rehabilitation)

The average duration stay of stay for patients at Naya Savera is 180 days.

The treatment itself is an absorbing, intensive experience. Patients have to strictly adhere to the daily schedule, which gives them a conscious awareness of the value of time management. The 24 hours is divided into work, study, writing, leisure and recreation, exercise and other life fulfilling activities. Daily group therapy helps patients better understand themselves and their disease, through a process of listening to sharing of similar experiences by their fellow alcoholics / addicts in treatment. By sharing personal experiences, patients learn, often for the first time, to release stress and in turn begin to trust and seek help from friends and loved ones.

Group discussions on various aspects of addiction/ alcoholism and the Twelve Steps of AA/NA help patients recognize personal barriers in their recovery. The programme provides the individual with tools to overcome bottlenecks that they are faced with. The patients also receive inputs and one to one coucelling from our Councellors / Clinical Psychologist (MSW) in our all three centres along with written questions & answers on topic such as Motivational, Emotional Problems, Cognitive Behaviour Therapies, Family / Marital and Interpersonal Therapy and Stress Management to stay sober.

After care (Follow up)

Naya Savera goes an extra mile to help patients who are sincere and motivated. The Patients who after completing the treatment process choose to stay in the centre to strengthen their recovery are welcomed, and are provided free boarding and lodging.

Regular and frequent availability of counseling at counseling centers of Naya Savera is another ‘Aftercare’ service.